Fresh Kills Park

Staten Island, NY - 2012 International Competition

Collaboration with A. Kripper (KAS), C. Li, K Barrow, and A. Parunina This proposal aims to dissolve the traditional boundaries between landscape, architecture, public art, and renewable energy infrastructure. The project consists of a two hundred foot wide boardwalk – the Loop - articulated by a number of vertical elements on which a system of flexible solar panels are mounted. Through a series of ramped manipulations, the installation corresponds to the unique topography of the site, mediating the slopes of the hill and providing spectacular vistas of the entire park. A large open amphitheater is integrated into the wooden pathway, which can accommodate large events and live performances. The Loop is able to host diverse cultural, social and athletic activities throughout the year as well as providing a unique space for learning, relaxing and playing. The installation will be a unique place, a sculpture in the landscape, engaging the public in the reinvented Fresh Kills Park in an unprecedented way.
Regenerative Infrastructures: Fresh Kills Park NYC, Land Art Generator Initiative
Prestel Publishing (May 2013)

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