Renovation and Addition

Town of Mamaroneck, NY -  2010-present (under construction)

This low-slung residence, originally completed in 1958, was subject to a series of modifications by Paul Rudolph throughout the 1980s. The current project seeks to respectfully update the interiors throughout while resolving the juncture between home and garage by adding a link coupled with a few room expansions, resulting in a knot that weaves a number of spaces and circulation paths together. Other decisions maintain the important Rudolph additions: entrance canopies, sunken living room platform, screened porch, and a free-form concrete and glass guest house in the rear yard which was Rudolph’s final contribution to the site in 1992, A more aggressive move includes opening up the lower level somewhat from the inexplicable warren of small rooms and closets jammed into what was originally the main entrance space and re-landscaping a small area in front that formerly contained illogical paving strips shaped like, as my client opined, a Confederate flag.    

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